STL AmpHub

STL AmpHub is an all encompassing electric guitar suite in software format, featuring an ever expanding set of stomp-box, amplifier, cabinet, microphone and effect models, covering every possible guitar player needs for any genre. You can choose to subscribe for $10 per month, cancel at any time, commitment free, or buy individual models, the choice is yours!

AmpHub is analog modeling at its finest, conceived and developed with guitar players in mind, boasting ease of use and great tones, right at your fingertips.


The AmpHub Access Pass gives you unlimited access to new amps, cabinets, pedals, every single month. For $10 a month, you have access to the current collection of 12 amps, 6 pedals, 9 cabinets, each cabinet has 6 microphone options, and also included are the post effects modules. Next month, and every other month from now on, we will be adding new models to AmpHub Subscribers, at no additional cost! Sign up now, your Amp Sim world, simplified. 

Select the plan that works best for you.


Month to Month

No Commitment

Over $800 worth of Amp, Pedal and Cab Models

New models added every month, absolutely free with your plan

Cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked

Free presets from other professional players


Own Outright

The Choice Is Yours

Get 1 free amp model of your choice with your purchase

Included with the STL AmpHub Player model = Emissary Amp, Tyrant OD pedal, all post effects, compressor, and 9 cabinets with over 5000 IR’s.

Buy individual Amp models of your choice

Buy individual Pedal models of your choice

Amp Models

AmpHub currently has 12 amplifier models. Each amp has been modeled with an unbelievable degree of accuracy to the original unit. All channels, and functions of each amplifier are included, for a true, real life experience. Click HERE to see a full list of included models. 

Pedal Models

AmpHub currently has 6 pedal models. Each pedal has been modeled with an unbelievable degree of accuracy to the original unit. Click HERE to see a full list of included models.

Empowering Creativity, Endless Possibilities


The AmpHub Cab module is an advanced mixer, with endless amounts of tweakablity. 

Each cabinet has been measured with each of the available microphones in more than 100 positions to achieve the ultimate realism and accuracy, for a total in the order of the tens of thousand IRs among all cabs and mics

• Mix 2 cabinets with multiple mics in parallel.

• Choose from 9 different cabinets currently in AmpHub.

• Choose from a range of different Microphone options.

• Angle the microphone up to 45%


The stomp section currently has 6 models from some of the most popular Overdrives. Endless diversity, by being able to blend numerous pedals together, in the order of your choosing.

Time Based Effects

Expand your tone by diving into the Effects Module of AmpHub. Advanced modeling lets you customize your time base effects, along with modulation for more depth and feel.


The standalone version of AmpHub allows users to easily install the Plug-In, without the need of a DAW (Pro Tools, Logic, or Cubase). The Standalone version if perfect for practice on the go and for use in live situations.


How much is the AmpHub subscription? : $10 per month.
How frequently will new Amps, Pedals, and Cab models be added to AmpHub? : We will be adding popular new models to AmpHub every month. If you are a subscription customer, these updates are free. Your AmpHub suite grows in value by the month.
What's the subscription cancellation policy? : You can cancel your subscription at any time.
I don’t like subscriptions, and would prefer to buy the plugin, can I do so? : Yes, if subscriptions aren’t for you, then you can buy the individual Amp Models, Pedals, and Cab’s to load in the AmpHub Player Plugin.
Does AmpHub come with any presets included? : Yes, our team has dialed in a few of our favorite setups, along with some of our friends too, these are free with your subscription.
•  Can I Demo AmpHub? : Yes there is a 10 day trial available.
•  What's the difference between AmpHub and ToneHub? : ToneHub is a preset based plugin, encompassing presets from some of the biggest names in the industry. AmpHub is a user based plugin, whereby you dial in your own tones, from scratch. You can use the free included presets as starting points if you wish.


•  STL AmpHub comes in 64-bit VST / AU / AAX / Standalone.

•  Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.

•  Macs from 2011 or above. 

•  Minimum Requirements Mac OS 10.9 or Windows 7

• Intel “Sandy Bridge” Processor Family or better (with AVX instructions support).
• AMD “Bulldozer” Processor Family or better (with AVX instructions support)

•  FREE iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.


•  3 activations available per user.