Made for musicians,
by musicians. 

STL Tones is a globally renowned software company, formed in 2016. The company has quickly grown into one of the world's leading developers of audio plugins and music software. With a head office in Nashville, Tennessee, and a global team (Australia, UK, and Europe), STL continues to build an engaged worldwide community. The team has a deep passion for music and technology and is dedicated to developing world-class products and experiences.

Helping the world create more.

We’re using digital innovation and technology to accelerate and enhance the creative process.

Create without limits.

We’re removing the barriers between ideas and their groundbreaking potential. Music knows no bounds, and your creativity shouldn’t either. 

Our products have been used by DIY bedroom musicians, Grammy Award-winning studios and producers, and everyone in between.

The potential is truly limitless.

Inspired by the past, embracing the future.

Don’t get us wrong, we love analog gear, but we’re embracing modern technology as a powerful tool. More tools, more creation, more music.

Digital innovation for musical creation.

Follow us on our mission to help the world create more.

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