Trace Exchange Terms & Conditions of Use.

In strict adherence to these Terms and Conditions, STL Tones hereby grants the User a limited, personal, non-exclusive, revocable, non-assignable, and non-transferable license to utilize Trace Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Platform) and the User Content throughout the User's engagement with the Platform.

User Content:

All files, text, comments, and other materials accessible through or via the Platform by the User (hereinafter referred to as "User Content") are expressly acknowledged to be generated and governed solely by the User and owned thereby.

Users are prohibited from uploading or publicly sharing any Content for which they lack necessary rights. Particularly, unauthorized use of copyright-protected material within User Content is strictly forbidden according to prevailing copyright laws.

Any violation thereof may result in the User's access to the Platform being deactivated and could potentially lead to civil or criminal actions initiated by or on behalf of the relevant rights holders.

Licensed rights:

By uploading or posting User Content to the Platform, the User grants STL Tones a limited, non-exclusive, worldwide right, without any payment of consideration or royalty, and deemed fully compensated, to utilize, copy, listen to, adapt, make available, or otherwise communicate such content to the public.

Furthermore, by uploading User Content to the Platform, the User also grants other users of the Platform a non-exclusive, worldwide, limited right, without any payment of consideration or royalty, and considered fully compensated, to use, copy, listen to, adapt, and create derivative works utilizing the Platform's features.

However, these Terms and Conditions of Use do not extend any rights to other users of the Platform concerning proprietary names, logos, trademarks, or service marks uploaded by the User as part of the User Content.

Permissions regarding comments or other contributions made by the User to the Platform are deemed granted indefinitely and irrevocably, remaining valid irrespective of any account deactivation.

Content Responsibility:

The User bears sole responsibility for all User Content uploaded, posted, or distributed on the Platform.Furthermore, the User acknowledges and agrees that STL Tones cannot (and will not) conduct a review of content created or uploaded by its users, nor monitor the Platform for inappropriate content, violations of third-party rights, or breaches of these Terms of Use or applicable law.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither STL Tones nor its subsidiaries, affiliates, assignees, or successors in title assume any liability arising from user-uploaded content on the Platform or any disputes regarding the completeness, accuracy, currency, or reliability of user-provided information.

By utilizing the Platform, the User irrevocably waives the right to raise objections or claims against STL Tones concerning any of the aforementioned scenarios.

Blocking and Removal of Content:

While STL Tones has no legal obligation to monitor Platform content, it reserves the right to block, remove, or delete any content at its discretion and to restrict or limit User access to such content for any reason whatsoever.

© STL Tones. All rights reserved. All product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with STL Tones.