Tonality: Andy James

A guitar plug-in suite developed exclusively from Andy James's Signature Guitar sounds.

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STL Tonality is an all-in-one Guitar Plug-In Suite developed exclusively from Andy James’s Signature Guitar sounds.Using the most advanced modelling algorithms, users can experience real-time simulations of Andy James’s actual go-to amps.

Our software uses internal circuit simulations from the schematic’s of the specific amplifier’s Andy uses every day. Designed by STL Tones, the Andy James Plug-In Suite has been developed to capture every song aspect of what makes Andy James’s guitar tones so sought after. The plug-in suite takes your direct input guitar signal all the way to a fully mixed guitar tone with its unique all-in-one design.Experience an all-access pass to Andy James’s mix-ready guitar tones.

Andy James

Andy James, lead guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, is one of the most technically proficient metal guitarists in the world today. Andy has joined forces with STL Tones to create his own personal Signature Guitar Plug-In suite.

Amp features

Amp 1

One of the main Amps that Andy uses in his day to day rigs is modelled from a modern version of one of the worlds most well-known amps.

Amp 2

Modelled from arguably one of the most well-known Amps in the metal industry. This Amps sole focus in the circuitry is based on the characteristics of the lead channel. 

Amp 3

A legendary British Amp from the 1960’s that covers many styles, from crystal clean to amazing mid-gain crunch tones. We also included the Tremelo functionality in this model.

The Revenant

Included in the Andy James - Tonality Suite is a virtual model of our first-ever hardware release: The Signature Andy James Revenant Pre Amp Pedal.

Focused overdrive section

Users have access to 2 of Andy James’s go-to Overdrive pedals, including a digital recreation of his Signature Preamp pedal The Revenant. 

OD 808

A virtual model of a very well known Overdrive Pedal is included to provide expandability when it comes to different styles of playing. 

Revenant Preamp

Introducing the first-ever STL Tones hardware release. We bring you the Signature Andy James - Revenant Preamp Pedal, in collaboration with Ignite.

Preamp Routing

Expansive routing capabilities of being able to use the Revenant pedal in front of your Amp, or in the Power Amp section as traditionally used.

Effects module

Andy worked closely with the STL Tones team to incorporate a combination of his favorite Delay, Reverb and Lo-Fi effects, to give the user an all-access pass to his essential effect units.

3D cabinet mixer

The Cabinet Module within STL Tonality has been updated to allow you to:
• Adjust the microphone placement on an X, Y, Z-axes (3D)
• Angle the microphone up to 45 degrees.
• Size scaled main point mixer gives you better creative control
• External impulse response loading capabilities.

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