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Will Putney

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Will Putney

ControlHub Expansion Pack

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Will Putney

ControlHub Expansion Pack

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About Will

Will Putney is a renowned modern metal and hardcore record producer, mixer, and engineer working out of his own Graphic Nature Audio studios in New Jersey. Known for his sonically raw and immaculate productions, Will has quickly become one of the most in-demand producers in today’s heavy music scene.

Selected Discography

Every Time I Die
The Amity Affliction
Body Count
Thy Art Is Murder
Knocked Loose
Norma Jean
Fit For An Autopsy
Harms Way
Stray From The Path

The sounds

This pack centers around Putney's extremely complex signal chain setups that make every element of his raw, yet modern productions so unique. Featuring 124 presets captured using Putney’s entire hardware and software signal chains, from individual instruments, all the way through to mix bus, and mastering chains. 

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