Solstice Solo 100 - Kemper Pack

The Solstice Solo 100 pack is based on a Soldano™ SLO100 amplifier. This is one of the greatest amps around, not only for hard rock and metal, but can also be used for blues and indie based scenarios. The S100 pack contains 30 Merged Profiles from 3 different cabinet configurations.
Audio Examples - 


Info Sheet - 
Click here to view the profile info sheet.
FAQ - 
What do I need to use this product? 
In order to use this product, you need a compatible Kemper Amplifier, which is a hardware unit. This cannot be used in conjunction with any of our Plug-In products. 
Return Policy -
- Due to the nature of STL Tones products being non-tangible digital goods, it is not possible to ‘return’ any of our products, therefore we do not offer any refunds after the purchase is completed.
All names of amps, pedals, cabinets, microphones, and other gear and/or accessory brands are trademarks owned by their respective manufacturers and are in no way affiliated with STL Tones. Product names are simply used for the purpose of identifying the hardware chain that was used to create the digital presets.

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