Introducing the all-new


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Introducing the all-new


Available now!

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Four years ago, we introduced the world to ToneHub, a revolutionary plugin that resonated across the amp sim world.

Fast forward to today, and we proudly unveil the next chapter in our journey – the all-new ToneHub. This evolution represents a comprehensive upgrade, with a meticulous redesign of the UI/UX that promises an immersive and streamlined user experience. But that's not all – brace yourself for the inclusion of the groundbreaking Tracing Technology. Capture your own amps, cabinets, combos and pedals to use within the ToneHub ecosystem.

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Brand new interface.

Welcome to the all-new ToneHub experience. Things just got better, a lot better! We've listened to your feedback and completely overhauled the ToneHub plugin interface and user interaction. Get ready for a smoother, more intuitive experience designed to unleash your creativity faster than ever before.

  • Adjust the microphone placement on an X, Y, Z-axes (3D)
  • Angle the microphone up to 45 degrees.
  • Size scaled main point mixer gives you more flexibility and creative control

Model your own rigs.

Using our AI based Tracing Technology, you can now capture your own amps, cabinets, combos and pedals to use within the ToneHub ecosystem. The possibilities are endless. 


Adaptive Tracing Modes.

Unleash the power of Adaptive Tracing. Capture the sound of your favorite amp or pedal and combine it with the tone stack of your choice, creating unique and inspiring presets. Simply Trace your favorite amplifier and select the desired tone stack, enabling your tone stack to react how your original amp would.

First look with John Browne

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Deep dive with Justin Abel

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New Preset Manager.

We’ve completely overhauled ToneHub's Preset Management system, making it easier than ever to tap into a world of sonic inspiration. Dive into a massive library of thousands of presets meticulously crafted by renowned guitarists and recording engineers.

The streamlined interface lets you search by genre, artist, or desired effect, helping you find the perfect sound in seconds.

Don’t just use presets, personalize them! You can tweak any preset to your exact sonic vision, creating your own signature sound.

Explore the work of top musicians, discover new techniques, and unlock your own sonic potential.

Trace Exchange.

Included in ToneHub Pro, you can access full rigs, stomps, and amps created by users around the world. Create your own rig Traces to share with the ToneHub community.

Trace Exchange opens the door to an endless library of guitar tones.


How Tracing works

Step 1: Select your rig type

Tracer Steps Website-Step1-min.png__PID:83866771-6d1b-4806-858f-f53eaaba434f

Step 2: Send a prepared Tracer file through your rig

Tracer Steps Website-Step2-min.png__PID:8667716d-1b48-4645-8ff5-3eaaba434f24

Step 3: Wait while the Tracer trains an exact model of your amplifier setup

Tracer Steps Website-Step3-min.png__PID:67716d1b-4806-458f-b53e-aaba434f24df

Step 4: Select the Tone Stack you wish to use with your preset, along with mic position

Tracer Steps Website-Step4-min.png__PID:716d1b48-0645-4ff5-beaa-ba434f24df95

Step 5: Add your preset info, save it to your local library, or share it with the Trace Exchange

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