AmpHub Device List

Guitar Amplifiers

    1. SLDN SLO100: Soldano® SLO100®
    2. MSGB Dual Rect 2 Ch: Mesa Boogie® Dual Rectifier 2 Channel®
    3. FRMS Cobra: Framus® Cobra
    4. FRMS Dragon: Framus® Dragon
    5. VX AC30: Vox® AC30® Top Boost
    6. MRSHL J45: Marshall® JTM45®
    7. MRSHL J800: Marshall® JCM800® 2203
    8. MRSHL SL100: Marshall® Super Lead 100®
    9. FNDR Deluxe Combo: Fender® Deluxe® 6G3
    10. FNDR Bass 1959: Fender® Bassmann® 5F6-A
    11. ORNG Rocker MK1: Orange® Rockerverb MK1®
    12. Emissary: Ignite Amps® Emissary®

Guitar Distortion

    1. FRTN 33: Fortin® 33®
    2. BSS SD-1: Boss® Super OverDrive SD-1®
    3. IBNZ TS-9: Ibanez® Tube Screamer TS-9®
    4. TCE Preamp: TC-Electronics® Integrated Preamp®
    5. XTC BB Preamp: Xotic® BB Preamp®
    6. MXN OD808: Maxon® OD808®

    Cabinet Models

      1. MRSHL 2x12 1922 G12T: Marshall® 1922 G12T 2x12®
      2. MRSHL 4x12 1982 G12H: Marshall® 1982 G12H 4x12®
      3. MSBG 1x12 BS Open: Mesa Boogie® 1x12 BS Openback
      4. MSBG 4x12 V30: Mesa Boogie® Oversized 4x12 V30
      5. ORNG PPC 2x12 V30: Orange® PPC 2x12 V30®
      6. ORNG PPC 4x12 V30: Orange® PPC 4x12 V30®
      7. ORNG PPC 4x12 G12M: Orange® PPC 4x12 G12M®
      8. NGL RG 4x12 G12H: ENGL® RG 4x12 G12H®
      9. BGNR 4x12 SL V30: Bogner® SL 4x12 V30®


    All names of amps, pedals, cabinets, microphones, and other gear and/or accessory brands are trademarks owned by their respective manufacturers and are in no way affiliated with STL Tones or STL AmpHub.