Lasse Lammert's Secret Kemper Profile

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Lasse Lammert's Secret Kemper Profile

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Lasse Lammert's secret profile is now available to the public! This incredible profile was created specifically for Warrel Darren's (Nevermore) new album titled Shadow Work. This profile has unbelievable low end, with silky smooth top end.  

A few word’s from Lasse about the tone -

“I have recently had the chance to work on the latest, and unfortunately also the final album of one of my metal heroes. All of Warrel’s previous releases were soaked in some of the best guitar tones I had heard, so I set out to create a tone that’s worthy of his legacy. This tone is creamy and smooth, but at the same time extremely tight to work with fast, low palm muted playing, as well as with melodic single note lines. It is big, bold, and heavy, but at the same time work’s really well in a mix, check it out below if you don’t believe me!”


Pedal - Grid Slammer

Amp - EVH 5150 III (Channel 3)

Cab - Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 

Mic's - SM57 + Beyerdynamic M160


Please note, there is no post processing done in any of our audio reference clips. These are the raw profile tones.

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