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Tue Madsen

ControlHub Expansion Pack

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Tue Madsen

ControlHub Expansion Pack

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About Tue

Tue Madsen has been innovating metal and hardcore production for over 30 years, responsible for some of the most successful progressive, and genre-defining records many in the industry still reference today. The owner of Antfarm Studios in Denmark, Tue Madsen remains one of the most in-demand producers and mixing engineers.

Selected Discography

Sick Of It All
The Haunted
August Burns Red
Black Dahlia Murder
Heaven Shalll Burn
Dir En Grey
Soziedad Alkoholika


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This expansion pack has been engineered to inject power instantly into your mix.

Tue Madsen has held nothing back, giving you the most detailed emulations of the signal chains he used on seminal recordings from bands like Meshuggah, Sick Of It All and Moonspell plus the chains he turns to currently when mixing. Included are dialed-in starting points for kicks, snares, and toms, everything for each element of a modern drum kit however Tue has taken this a step further, embracing the power of ControlHub and giving users the option to choose these presets with his go-to bus processing and without, opening up even more mixing possibilities.

With in-the-box master bus chains and completely analog hardware chains, this expansion pack includes everything needed for the most demanding metal mix.

This expansion pack has a total of 134 presets.

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