Tonality - Lasse Lammert Guitar Plug-In Suite

Lasse Lammert

Lasse Lammert is a renowned record producer and connoisseur of guitar tone based in the north of Germany. Lammert's credits include Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Malignancy, Communic, Abigail Williams, Sigh and A Night In Texas, to name a few. The Lasse Lammert Tonality Suite not only acts as a toolkit of Lasse's go to amplifiers, cabinets and pedals, but showcases his involvement in the development of the Driftwood Purple Nightmare amplifier, which is a part of this suite in collaboration with Driftwood, including Lasses very own Signature Liverkick Pedal.

Legendary Tones Hot Mod

The officially endorsed Legendary Tones Hot Mod V2 is a dual 12ax7 hardware mod designed to dramatically increase the gain in any Marshall™ amp. By adding an additional pre amp valve, this mod adds the flexibility for your amp to go from added sustain to full on metal. This unit features a ‘deep’ and ‘gain’ switch to further sculpt the tone of this already classic amp.


The included Standalone version of Tonality: Lasse Lammert allows users to easily install the Plug-In without the need of a DAW (Pro Tools, Logic, or Cubase). The Standalone version is perfect for practice on the go and for use in live situations.

System requirements

•  Tonality: Lasse Lammert comes in 64-bit VST / AU / AAX / Standalone.

•  Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.

•  Minimum Requirements Mac OS 10.9 or Windows 7

•  Free iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.

•  No iLok usb dongle required.

•  3 activations available per user.