Michael Britt '2020'

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Michael Britt

Michael Britt is the guitarist for country group Lonestar. The group has had 9 x #1 songs and sold millions of albums worldwide. Britt has worked with many of the best musicians, writers, and producers in Nashville. Outside of Lonestar, Britt is perhaps the most well-known and respected commercial Kemper Profile seller. 

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We introduce to you the ’2020 Pack’ from Michael Britt, which is one of Britts new releases from his website. It contains some of Britts all time favorite amps that cover all the “food groups”. From the best vintage Plexi he has ever heard, to a couple of his favorite AC type circuits, to some classic CA tweed, blackface, and brownface tones, to unique amps that fall somewhere in between. The pack contains a total of 126 presets based on Michael's '2020 Kemper Pack'


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