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Mark Lewis

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Mark Lewis

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About Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis is a heavy metal producer and mix engineer from Nashville, Tennessee. His passion for the craft of modern metal mixing comes from the years he has spent as a musician and engineer, honing his skills in studios all over the world. Mark's mixing style has helped define the aggressive sound of deathcore and metal bands like Whitechapel and Cannibal Corpse.

Selected Discography

The Black Dahlia Murder
Bury Your Dead
August Burns Red

The sounds

This pack centers around the critical signal chains that make every element in Mark's productions so powerful. Packed with mixing tools for drums, heavy guitars, and vocal tracking starting points, the expansion pack also includes his signature mix bus and mastering chains.

The pack contains a total of 146 presets. 

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ControlHub is an all-inclusive mixing plugin that allows you to load entire signal chain-based expansion packs from your favorite mixers and recording studios. Each preset is a complete emulation of the original hardware or software signal chain.

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