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Jason LaRocca

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Jason LaRocca

ControlHub Expansion Pack

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About Jason

Every successful TV show and blockbuster movie needs a great musical score, a score that has been engineered to bring a huge sonic impact and tastefully convey the emotions on screen, and for many of the biggest hits in TV, film, and video gaming you’ll find Jason LaRocca has mixed. Cutting his teeth in the LA punk rock scene during the early 2000s with The Briggs, to recording and mixing major motion pictures Jason LaRocca is the definition of the modern multi-faceted mix engineer.

Selected Discography

Dungeons and Dragons
The Flash
Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
Bad Boys For Life
God of War
Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
CeeLo Green
Serj Tankian
Fiona Apple
Schoolboy Q


Behind the scenes

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The sounds

Jason LaRocca has created an expansion pack that blurs the lines between the scientific and the art of engineering, crafted to heighten the emotion in your mix through the power of sonics.

Included are his go-to signal chains when mixing the most iconic sound stages and famous orchestras across the world, with presets to help bring more character to strings, brass, and choir, and enhance the impact of epic orchestral percussion. Also captured are his mixing chains for hip-hop kicks, gritty drums, and bass all the way through to the vocal chains he uses for top recording artists.

This expansion pack has a total of 98 presets.

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