David Bendeth

Axe Fx Expansion Pack

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David Bendeth

David Bendeth is a multi-platinum award-winning record producer. Bendeth has done production work and mixing for Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, The Warning, I Prevail, Papa Roach, OfMice & Men, A Day to Remember & All Time Low

Pack features

Multi-platinum award-winning record producer David Bendeth has joined forces with STL Tones to create his own personal Producer Axe Fx Bundle. Dubbed as the ‘Reel Sound Edition’, we used all of Bendeth’s go to guitar amp/cab/pedal/microphone setups in the creation of his bundle. We also used an Ampex ATR 102 1/2 inch reel to reel tape machine in the final stage of the process. Having done this, we feel that we have captured Bendeth’s revered guitar and bass sounds as accurately as possible. Bendeth’s bundle contains 138 guitar presets and 14 bass presets. 


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