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Daniel Braunstein

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About Dan

Daniel Braunstein has been delivering some of the most exciting productions in modern heavy music with mainstream charting records with Spiritbox, who have been dubbed ‘The New Face Of Metal Music’ as well as crafting successful albums with Dayseeker, Erra, and Silent Planet. Co-owner of The Hallway Studios in LA, he often writes, produces, and mixes the projects he works on, embracing the evolution of recording technology.

Selected Discography

The Ghost Inside
Silent Planet
Invent Animate
Emotional Oranges
Veil of Maya


Behind the scenes

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The sounds

This expansion has been built to remove the walls between the initial inspiration from a great production, to delivering a creative and exciting mix. 

Daniel Braunstein’s workflow is dynamic, often writing, producing, engineering, mixing, and even mastering all within the same project which means organization and efficiency are paramount. This efficiency is reflected in the signal chain emulations Daniel has engineered, everything for punchy drums, bass, and hard-hitting guitars, right through to mix bus and final mastering chains perfectly dialed in. 

This expansion pack has a total of 62 presets.

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