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This is the Snare Sample from our 'Truth Custom Drum Kit Samples'. This...

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This is the Snare Sample from our 'Truth Custom Drum Kit Samples'. This snare has an amazing top end crack, and a balanced bottom end that cuts through a wall of guitars in any mix!! All samples include multiple velocities from softest to hardest. Included are TCI’s for Trigger, and NKI’s for Kontakt. The NKI’s have room, reverb, girth and direct faders for your own mix taste.

Sample layers included in the RAW's are:

Snare main -
-Snare Main (Top and bottom blend)
-Snare Room (Blend of Stereo Room Far, Room Close, Mono and Crush blend) 
-Snare Verb
-Snare Girth
Drum Sizes- 
Snare - 14 x 5.5

All RAW Wav's are processed and printed at mix ready volumes, exactly the same as the audio you hear in this video.Feel free to experiment with your own personal blend to create something that is suited to your taste.

NOTE - You need Kontakt 5.3 or above for use of the NKI's, and Trigger 2.0 and up.

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