Chris Lord-Alge: Trilogy Preset Pack

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Introducing: The Trilogy

STL Tones brings 5-time GRAMMY®-award winning mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge’s guitar tones to life with a one of a kind Expansion Preset Pack to use with the Tonality Howard Benson Guitar Plug-In Suite. We captured CLA’s full analog signal chain that he uses for his most well known mixes, including his SSL console, vintage Pultecs, Focusrite Red on the mix bus and the eq’s from his console. 

Chris Lord-Alge presets

• CLA Album Tone Presets : This bank has 20 Guitar presets, and are solely focused on album guitar tones from CLA's best known work. These are full signal chain presets.

• CLA Creations Presets : This bank has 30 Guitar presets, specifically created by CLA using the Tonality - Howard Benson Plugin.

• CLA Bass Presets : This bank has 14 Bass presets, solely focused on Bass tones from some of his most popular mixes. These are full signal chain presets.

 A few word's from CLA on his pack, “Well for me guitars are a very important part of my life, it’s one of my main menu items I deal with on a daily basis. My mix ready sounds are created from my board. I take tones from the mix, tones from the mix is actually as simple as that, I took guitar sounds that I made off mixes from various huge artists on big records and then we took those sounds and converted them into presets.

So this gives you the exact sounds I used in the mix, captured as a preset.What makes the mix ready part my pack so exciting? Well you're using my full analog signal chain that I use for all my mixes. Which means my SSL console, my Pultecs on the mix bus, my Focusrite Red on the mix bus and the eq’s on the console. Also certain presets will have my vintage Urei LA3 compressors on it, so you get an analog chain which is hard to digitize, so I'm very excited that when I compared between what I created and what the preset was, it was virtually identical”. Inside the CLA Trilogy Pack there are 50 guitar presets and 14 bass presets, for a total of 64.

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Tonality - Howard Benson

Tonality - Howard Benson is an all-in-one Guitar Plug-in Suite developed exclusively from none other than Howard Benson & Mike Plotnikoff’s Signature Guitar sounds. This Plug-in has been developed to capture every sonic aspect of what make’s the duo’s guitar tones so distinctive. Tonality - Howard Benson is needed in order to load the Chris Lord-Alge Preset pack

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