Version 2.0.0 2024.05

• A brand new and overhauled user interface - including a combined amp & cab view, scrollable pedal views, and an easier-to-navigate preset pack list.

• ToneHub Tracer:

- Trace amps (with or without a cab) that can be loaded instead of existing Artist / Amp Series presets
- Trace stomps that can be loaded using three available Tracer stomps, including within existing Artist / Amp series presets
- Traces are fully controllable, with selectable tone stacks for amp Traces
- New dual-cab processor (containing 19 new cab models) and external IR loader for amp-only Traces
- Trace browser with searching, sorting and filtering functionality
- Trace Exchange for sharing and downloading Traces from the ToneHub user community

• Preset Browser Filter - you can now filter the pack preset list by custom selections of metadata entries

• Parameter Section Locking - The Stomps, EQ and / or Effects sections can be locked for retaining parameter values when loading pack presets

• Mini Tuner Display - The Tuner view selector button can now show a mini always-visible tuner display

• Preset Ratings - you can now give each pack preset your own 0-5 rating

• New preset metadata:

- Instrument (Guitar or Bass)
- Stomps
- Gain Type (Clean, Low Gain, Mid Gain, High Gain)
- Gain Level (0-10)

• Preset browser random-load button

• New search functionality for packs and user presets

• New user preset manager:

- Presets are now stored in folders of individual files rather than bank files
- Folders and files are now displayed in a tree view with right-click functionality for performing file operations
- New folder and file management options

• Added buttons for loading the previous or next preset in the preset browser

• Routing parameter locking for retaining the routing value when loading user presets

• Added standalone app tempo controls for setting the global tempo used by the Delay effects pedal, including a MIDI-controllable Tap Tempo button

• Added a Tuner Sensitivity control

• MIDI control functionality has been added to the following parameters / controls:

- Cab Mic X Position
- Cab Mic Y Position
- Delay effects pedal Tap Tempo button
- Tuner view status

• Selectable appearance (Light and Dark themes)

• Preset Pack List:

- Pack list is now displayed in a more compact and legible list
- The owned / licensed status of packs is displayed from boot
- Improved keyboard interaction so that character keys will select the first pack that begins with the pressed character

• Preset Browser:

- The preset browser can now be hidden
- Improved keyboard interaction so that the Up and Down arrow keys will instantly load presets without having to press Enter
- Improved keyboard interaction so that character keys will select the first table row for the sort column that begins with the pressed character
- Improved the interface and keyboard interaction with the search text editor
- Added a ‘Restore factory settings’ option to the table header menu for quickly restoring the original column settings
- The preset browser “Notes” column now has a more suitable default width
- Preset pack metadata text tidy-up and improvements

• Tuner:

- The Tuner view is now part of the main UI rather than being in a pop-up window
- All Tuner settings are now saved / recalled between sessions
- The Tuner view selector button now toggles between the Tuner view and the previously selected view


- The MIDI Settings view is now part of the main UI rather than being in a pop-up window
- You no longer need to first load the user preset that you want to assign a MIDI ‘load preset’ message to

• Standalone Application:

- When closing the standalone application version with the ‘X’ button, an alert window now provides the option to discard the current unsaved changes - or cancel the close process - rather than just always saving the current settings.
- On macOS, when quitting the standalone application version using the ‘Quit’ menu option (or it’s CMD-Q shortcut), an alert window now provides the option to save the current settings - or cancel the quit process - rather than just always discarding the current unsaved changes.
- New standalone app icon

• Other:

- Currently loaded preset info (name, pack, and a selection of metadata) is now always visible- Added auto-enabling of the Stomps and FX status parameters when the status of any pedal in that section is enabled
- The user interface state is now fully recalled when closing and reopening the plugin window during a session
- The control to toggle the FX Tail Spillover parameter has been moved from a hidden right-click menu to a button
- Using a mouse wheel (or trackpad scroll gesture) to control a knob / slider now triggers the display of the value label
- Parameters in the host now have proper value ranges / text (instead of just 0-1) and show units of measurement (for compatible plugin formats only)
- Increased the default window size

• Preset Pack List:

- Fixed issue where changing the pack list filter would show the wrong pack being selected
- Fixed issue where loading user presets may show the wrong pack being selected
- Fixed issue where certain packs weren’t in alphabetical order

• Preset Browser:

- Fixed issue where saved custom column arrangements may not be recalled correctly
- Fixed issue where configuring the table header whilst viewing a single pack would not apply the changes to the header when viewing all packs, and vice versa.
- Fixed issue where sorting the table by a specific column would be reset when changing pack or changing the preset search text
- Fixed issue where sorting the table by a specific column would result in the wrong preset being selected
- Fixed issue where it wasn’t possible to reset the table sorting to the default order. This can now be done by clicking on a column header a third time to disable sorting for that column.
- Fixed issue where once you’ve viewed the ‘All packs’ view in the preset browser, only one more activated pack will be added to the ‘All packs’ preset list


- Fixed issues where modifying existing MIDI bindings may result in other bindings being removed
- Fixed parameter names in the MIDI bindings table for many of the parameters to match that of the rest of the plugin interface
- Fixed issue where sorting the MIDI bindings tables by MIDI message wasn’t working

• Other:

- Fixed issue where in certain scenarios the Routing value selector wouldn’t show all possible values
- Fixed issue where the cab mic XY position control could disappear from the UI when controlling the Y position from the parameter in the host
- Fixed issue where the Delay FX Time label wouldn’t update when using the tap-tempo button or when changing the Time parameter from the host
- Fixed parameter names in the host for many of the parameters to match that of the plugin interface
- Fixed issue where user-provided file names could include illegal characters or cause files to be hidden
- Fixed issue where Stomp status, EQ status, FX status and FX spillover parameter changes weren't being added to the undo/redo queue.
- Fixed standalone app crash when disabling the output and loading stereo presets
- Fixed issue where you may see UI control values ‘jump’ to the correct values when changing the displayed view

Version 1.10.6 2024.04

• Added the Mars SB76 Expansion Pack
• User Manual update

Version 1.10.6 2024.03

• Added the John Browne Expansion Pack
• Licensing - Added device management support

Version 1.10.5 2024.02

• Added the Unmatched DC30 Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.5 2024.01

• Added Andrew Wade II Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.5 2023.12

• Added the Mega Triple Rec Expansion Pack
• Improvements and fixes to the licensing system
• Improvements to the software updater

Version 1.10.4 2023.11

• Added the Kevin & Kane Churko Expansion Pack
• Improvements and fixes to the licensing system

Version 1.10.3 2023.10

• Added the Bogart Utopia Expansion Pack
• Improvements and fixes to the licensing system

Version 1.10.2 2023.09

• Added the Gary Holt Expansion Pack
• Improved the license activation UI
• Fixed potential license activation device ID issue on Windows
• The macOS installer no longer requires a restart after installation

Version 1.10.1 2023.08

• Added the Fox Overdrive 50 Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.1 2023.07

• Added the Mike Pepe Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.1 2023.06

• Added the Dairyman Super Expansion Pack
• Fixed potential crash or incorrect sounding preset when loading pack presets
• Removed quotes from quoted preset metadata text
• Added new features to the licensing system:
     - Redeemed activation codes summary
     - License files import
     - Offline activation request generation

Version 1.10.0 2023.05

• Added the Will Putney 20x10 Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.0 2023.04


• Updated to new software protection version, no longer using iLok (Pace). You will be prompted to activate once logging in to the plugin using your STL Tones user account credentials. Note: you may be required to reset your password.

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ by clicking here. Alternatively, contact us directly at

• Decreased pack sizes and improved pack loading times
• Fixed bug causing audio and CPU issues when activating the Overdrive 6 pedal
• Fixed bug causing the AU plugin to not display parameter values in the host
• Fixed issue where the software would only function correctly when running from the computer user account it was installed with
• Fixed an issue on Windows where the AAX plugin bundle wasn't displaying the correct icon
• Added info text to the Beau Burchell, HK Tri II, and Jason Suecof preset packs
• Removed preset pack webpage buttons

Version 1.9.2 2023.04

- Added Forbidden Insane Expansion Pack

Version 1.9.2 2023.03

- Added Kris Crummett III Expansion Pack
- Fixed bug causing the Sag parameter to reset 50% by default

Version 1.9.1 2023.02

- Added Doc 38 Expansion Pack
- Fixed transparent background bug on value labels