Version 1.10.5 2024.02

• Added the Unmatched DC30 Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.5 2024.01

• Added Andrew Wade II Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.5 2023.12

• Added the Mega Triple Rec Expansion Pack
• Improvements and fixes to the licensing system
• Improvements to the software updater

Version 1.10.4 2023.11

• Added the Kevin & Kane Churko Expansion Pack
• Improvements and fixes to the licensing system

Version 1.10.3 2023.10

• Added the Bogart Utopia Expansion Pack
• Improvements and fixes to the licensing system

Version 1.10.2 2023.09

• Added the Gary Holt Expansion Pack
• Improved the license activation UI
• Fixed potential license activation device ID issue on Windows
• The macOS installer no longer requires a restart after installation

Version 1.10.1 2023.08

• Added the Fox Overdrive 50 Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.1 2023.07

• Added the Mike Pepe Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.1 2023.06

• Added the Dairyman Super Expansion Pack
• Fixed potential crash or incorrect sounding preset when loading pack presets
• Removed quotes from quoted preset metadata text
• Added new features to the licensing system:
     - Redeemed activation codes summary
     - License files import
     - Offline activation request generation

Version 1.10.0 2023.05

• Added the Will Putney 20x10 Expansion Pack

Version 1.10.0 2023.04


• Updated to new software protection version, no longer using iLok (Pace). You will be prompted to activate once logging in to the plugin using your STL Tones user account credentials. Note: you may be required to reset your password.

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ by clicking here. Alternatively, contact us directly at

• Decreased pack sizes and improved pack loading times
• Fixed bug causing audio and CPU issues when activating the Overdrive 6 pedal
• Fixed bug causing the AU plugin to not display parameter values in the host
• Fixed issue where the software would only function correctly when running from the computer user account it was installed with
• Fixed an issue on Windows where the AAX plugin bundle wasn't displaying the correct icon
• Added info text to the Beau Burchell, HK Tri II, and Jason Suecof preset packs
• Removed preset pack webpage buttons

Version 1.9.2 2023.04

- Added Forbidden Insane Expansion Pack

Version 1.9.2 2023.03

- Added Kris Crummett III Expansion Pack
- Fixed bug causing the Sag parameter to reset 50% by default

Version 1.9.1 2023.02

- Added Doc 38 Expansion Pack
- Fixed transparent background bug on value labels