What's included:

You get 3 free packs with the Outright Version of ControlHub. 

Core Pack:

The Core Pack which comes with 117 presets captured using many popular hardware and software signal chains, from individual instruments, all the way through to mix bus, and mastering chains. 

The Destroyer:

The Destroyer Expansion Pack is based on the Soundtoys™ Decapitator™ plugin.Take any sound from subtle to extreme brutality and you'll see why this is a favorite analog saturation tool loved by engineers around the world. The pack has a total of 58 presets.

The GM:

The GM Parametric EQ Expansion Pack is based on the GML™ 8200™. The 8200 is a two-channel, 5-band parametric equalizer that has been an industry standard for over two decades and can be found on every major recording. The pack has a total of 52 presets.

All names of gear and/or accessory brands are trademarks owned by their respective manufacturers and are in no way affiliated with STL Tones or ControlHub. Product names are simply used for the purpose of identifying the hardware chain that was used to create the digital presets.