Version 1.7.1 2024.06

• Added Meridian 31 amplifier model
• Added new presets in "STL Tones" bank
• Added new presets in "Giacomo Pasquali" bank

Version 1.7.1 2024.05

• Added Obsidius Modern 3001 stompbox model (Darkglass® B3K v1)
• Added Obsidius Vintage stompbox model (Darkglass® Vintage Microtubes)
• Added 4x10B Even XL cabinet model (4 microphones) (Eden 410XL)
• Added 4x10B Gaul K Reflex cabinet model (4 microphones) (GK 410 RBH)

Version 1.7.1 2024.04

• Added Analogy Princess Drive stompbox model
• Added Freddy Golden Drive stompbox model
• Added Vember JR Drive stompbox model
• Added Mini-Tuner mode
• Updated main Tuner GUI
• Internal improvements

Version 1.7.1 2024.03

• Added BigCat Sphynx V2 amplifier model
• Added device list and deactivation to licensing system
• Added new presets in "STL Tones" bank
• Changed models sorting for own-outright users, showing owned models first

Version 1.7.0 2024.02

• Added Kentaurus Drive stompbox model
• Added Xordium Epsilon Boost stompbox model
• Updated model selector menu look and feel
• Updated licenses import functionality with "Browse" button
• Fixed bug causing saved default settings to not be recalled when replacing a model with itself
• Fixed bug causing crashes when moving instances on Presonus Studio One

Version 1.6.1 2024.01

• Added Fenix HR Ville 1996 amplifier model
• Added 4x10 Fenix HR Ville 1996 cabinet model (11 microphones)
• Added new presets in "STL Tones" bank
• Fixed sampling rate inconsistency on Siren Chorus HP/LP filters

Version 1.6.1 2023.12

• Added Origin Dual Black 50 amplifier model
• Updated Origin Rocker MKI amplifier model GUI
• Fixed wrong capacitor value on Krater Ravage 1 and Krater Dimed amplifier models
• Fixed bug causing manual BPM input to not work properly in standalone app

Version 1.6.0 2023.11

• Added Krater Ravage 1 amplifier model (Krank Revolution 1)
• Fixed wrong resistor value in Krater Dimed Plus amplifier model
• Updated Krater Dimed Plus amplifier model GUI
• Minor internal fixes and improvements

Version 1.6.0 2023.10

• Added Randy El Diablo 50 amplifier model with 3 circuit variations
• Added new features in cabinet section
    - Pan Mode
    - Room mix
    - Dedicated 3 band equalizer for each cabinet/mic
• Added new presets in STL Tones bank
• Updated look and feel (colors, icons, interactions, etc.)
• Fixed bug preventing active preset from refreshing after model license activation
• Fixed bug causing an error when importing licenses on offline computers
• Fixed missing value label on Bogart Ultrasonic Blue amplifier model Master knob
• Internal improvements, bug fixing and optimizations

Version 1.5.2 2023.09

- Added Burner Excel Ltd amplifier model
- Internal improvements and optimizations

Version 1.5.2 2023.08

- Added Meridian 65 Plus amplifier model
- Updated standalone application UI

Version 1.5.1 2023.07

- Added Pyros Archean 50 V2 amplifier model
- Optimized RAM usage
- Reduced startup time

Version 1.5.1 2023.06

- Added Wampus Animal Distortion stompbox model
- Added ShapeshifteR-Verb effect model
- Added Siren Chorus effect model
- Added 4x12 Reaver Bone V30 cabinet model (12 microphones)
- Added Reverse option to Orbital Delay effect model
- Added new features to licensing system:
- Redeemed activation codes summary
- License files import
- Offline activation request generation
- Fixed phase inconsistency in pitch modulated stereo effects
- Fixed "zipper" noise when tweaking Depth parameter on Digital Chorus effect model
- Minor GUI updates

Version 1.5.0 2023.05

- Updated to new software protection version, no longer using iLok (Pace). You will be prompted to activate once logging in to the plugin using your STL Tones user account credentials. Note: you may be required to reset your password.

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ by clicking here. Alternatively, contact us directly at

- Added Steiner ToneCake 50 V2 amplifier model
- Cabinet loading time optimization
- Minor GUI improvements and fixes

Version 1.4.3 2023.04

- Added Raven Type D amplifier model
- Added DeeGeeT Drive Monkey Business stompbox model
- Oversampling cycle RAM optimization

Version 1.4.3 2023.03

- Added Alchemy 2B amplifier model

Version 1.4.3 2023.02

- Added Saratov M50 amplifier model
- Added Delays, Reverbs and Chorus models to the stompbox section (mono processing)
- Added BPM change support in standalone mode (saved at preset level)
- Added MIDI support to Tap Tempo controls
- Various MIDI support improvements and fixes
- Changed logarithmic taper curve for Eddy 5153 White amplifier model Presence control

Version 1.4.2 2023.01

- Added Serpent Queen 2005 amplifier model
- Added option to save model settings as default
- Added shortcut buttons for preset management
- Changed model settings menu trigger modifier to Two-fingers
-click on OSX
- Updated graphic interface for amplifier models:
     - Cali Dual Rect 2Ch
     - Frantic Kobra - Frantic Drachen
     - Fenix Bass 1959
     - Fenix Brown Combo
- Fixed "Save into Bank" bug causing parameters reset