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Tom Lord-Alge

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About Tom Lord-Alge

Tom Lord-Alge is a 3 time Grammy Award-winning producer and mix engineer known for the evolution of modern rock with his aggressive, in-your-face mixing style. Utilizing the best advancements in audio technology, whether it’s his Solid State Logic 4000 G+ console, the vast array of vintage analog gear, to innovative digital plugins, Tom Lord-Alge has earned an extensive list of certified multi-platinum selling records and remains a pioneer in creative and immersive mixing.

Selected Discography

Blink 182
The Rolling Stones
Marilyn Manson
Fall Out Boy
Taking Back Sunday
All Time Low
New Found Glory
Ellie Goulding
A Day To Remember
Ben Rector
30 Seconds to Mars

The sounds

Tom Lord-Alge gives you access to the signal chains you’ve heard on countless hit records. Accurate emulations of his favorite pieces of hardware and software signal chains to always keep the song as the focus and bring new life to your mixes.

This expansion pack captures the excitement TLA brings to all his mixes, with perfect starting points for drums, bass, and guitars. Knowing creativity comes in so many different forms, Tom has engineered these presets so you can experiment and take his original tried-and-true signal chains and make them your own. Included are captures of his mix bus processing, with his SSL console, must-have hardware compressors, and EQ.

This expansion pack has a total of 86 presets.

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