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Every tone you need, in the one place.

We team up with the biggest artists and producers in the industry to bring you their signature guitar and bass tones for the ToneHub plugin. Access an ever-growing roster of expansive and detailed sounds. New ToneHub preset packs are released every month!


ToneHub is an all-inclusive plug-in platform that allows you to load Signature Preset Packs from your favorite producers and guitarists. No longer do you need the comparable hardware units to get access to these exclusive sounds.

  • Huge selection of Artist & Producer tones
  • Guitar & Bass presets available
  • Includes Standalone version
  • Expanding Stomp Section
  • Stunning time based effect options
  • Midi functionality

Get 1 free preset pack of your choice with ToneHub

Included with your purchase of the ToneHub plugin, is the option to select 1 Preset Pack of your choice valued at up to $49.99, absolutely free! Simply add any ToneHub Preset Pack to your cart, along with the ToneHub plugin in the same purchase, and enter ‘STLTONEHUB’ discount code at checkout. Note: this offer does not work in conjunction with the Rewards Program discount. 

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Get 1 free preset pack of your choice with ToneHub

Included with your purchase of the ToneHub plugin, is the option to select 1 Preset Pack of your choice valued up to $49.99, absolutely free! Simply add any ToneHub Preset Pack to your cart, along with the ToneHub plugin in the same purchase, and enter ‘STLTONEHUB’ discount code at checkout.

Note: this offer does not work in conjunction with the Rewards Program.

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Fully functional free trials are available for our entire range of ToneHub packs.
Try a pack, and see what works best for you. 

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Educare University

Kurt Ballou - (Converge)

The pack contains 114 presets from 31 amplifiers, and 19 cabs.

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Educare University

Bill Kelliher (Mastodon)

This pack contains 67 presets from Bills collection of pedals, amps and cabs

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Educare University

Northlane (Alien)

Guitar & bass tones from Northlane's Alien album. 

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Artist Signature Tones

The artist signature series features guitar and bass tones from your favorite record producers, and guitarists. Their entire signal chains are now at your fingertips. 

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Educare UniversityEducare UniversityEducare UniversityEducare University

Amp Series

Preset packs created from specific individual amplifier models.

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Educare UniversityEducare UniversityEducare UniversityEducare University

Advanced Tracing Technology

The core amplifier behind the scenes of the ToneHub plug-in, is the incredibly powerful Tracing Amplifier. It is able to capture the precise characteristics of a huge variety of hardware amplifiers, while maintaining the important real-feel when plugging in and playing. The ToneHub audio core is based on a hybrid engine, combining STL proprietary Tracing Technology and analog modeling at its finest to get the most accurate sounding snapshot of a guitar or bass chain, from pedals to amps, cabs, mics and preamps with the possibility to change the settings maintaining an impressive degree of realism. This is an unprecedented leap in algorithm advancement.

Hardware-class sounds without the hardware

The parametric parts of the rigs within ToneHub are analog modeled, meaning you can tweak the controls and maintain the exact behavior of the original device. Changing the Gain control will not just increase the signal going into the amplifier, but it will change the frequency dependent gain structure according to the circuit of the amp that was Traced.

Tonestack controls, and even microphone positions in the numerous presets you can find in every pack are set as they were in the real chain during the Tracing process, which means you can adjust them and refine your tone, experiencing the same behavior you would expect from the real rig.

Additional Bias and Sag controls help you achieve the desired poweramp feel by changing the headroom and dynamic response of the virtual circuit.

Maximum flexibility - Pinpoint accuracy

The cabinet plays an integral role in a complete rig’s overall tone and character. The 3D Cabinet Module within ToneHub has been engineered to allow you to:

  • Adjust the microphone placement on an X, Y, Z-axes (3D)
  • Angle the microphone up to 45 degrees.
  • Size scaled main point mixer gives you more flexibility and creative control

Master Equalizer

The Master EQ module within ToneHub is an indispensable tool for shaping your tone. With an extended frequency range, you can add air and sheen. Featuring classic Hi-Pass and Lo-Pass controls, paired with 36dB excursion Hi-Shelf and Lo-Shelf filters in addition to two fullyparametric peak controls with adjustable bandwidth, whether you need tone shaping or surgical equalization, this module allows you to craft any type of tone to fit your mix with ease.

Stomp section


The stomp section has an ever expanding selection of versatile virtual pedals, including compression, and numerous Overdrive models.

Effects module


Expand your tone by diving into the Effects Module of ToneHub. STL Tones advanced modeling lets you customize your time base effects, along with modulation for more depth and feel.

The new ToneHub is here, what's new?


Midi functionality is now available. Use ToneHub in live situations with ease.

Input Listener

If you struggle with dialing in the optimum input signal, the Input Level Listener feature will help set the plug-in input level correctly.


An all-new Reverb model with Shimmer to immerse yourself in atmospheric ambience.

Menu Layout

We've overhauled the main Preset Menu Manager. You can now arrange, remove, and order columns exactly how you like, and save as default for the next time you open the plugin.


We have updated the Tuner design. You can now open the Tuner in a new window, for greater accuracy, and functionality. 


New Graphic User Interface, and can now be made 25% larger. - Wah Pedal- Volume Pedal


The included Standalone version of ToneHub allows users to easily install the Plug-In, without the need of a DAW (Pro Tools, Logic, or Cubase). The Standalone version is perfect for practice on the go and for use in live situations.

How ToneHub Works

Step 1 -

Proceed through checkout to purchase your copy of the ToneHub Plug-In.

Step 2 -

Choose from our ever-growing collection of Preset Packs. ToneHub also comes with 60 core presets, absolutely free! 

Step 3 -

Receive your packs instantly via digital download, run the installers, and you're ready to go! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, yes! 

Kurt Ballou:

Converge & God City Sound

"The quality and diversity of tones available in Tonehub are incredible. To have immediate access to this library without needing to set up an amp is very useful for fast-paced sessions."

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System requirements

  • Tonehub comes in 64-bit VST / AU / AAX / Standalone.
  • Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.
  • Minimum Requirements Mac OS 10.9 or Windows 7
  • Free iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.
  • No iLok usb dongle required.
  • 3 activations available per user. 


All names of amps, pedals, cabinets, microphones, and other gear and/or accessory brands are trademarks owned by their respective manufacturers and are in no way affiliated with STL Tones or STL Tonehub. Product names are simply used for the purpose of identifying the hardware chain that was used to create the digital presets.